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4 Things You Need to Know About RV Glass Repair

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Owning a motorhome is a feeling of its own. Sure, cars are useful, and even required in many cases in this day and age, but they’re just a means of transportation in the end. RVs however can be a complete way of life. As such, overlooking aspects like an RV glass repair can ultimately cost you in more ways than one.

From travelling in them and basically taking your house with you on vacation, to actually living in one as a choice because of its unique perks, RVs are beyond useful. As such, it should always be on your mind to perform regular RV maintenance, and making sure your auto glass is pristine is part of this.

That’s because, like we just mentioned, damaged auto glass brings loads of headaches along with it. Whether we’re talking about a crack or a chip, what you should know out of the gate is that it won’t stay put for long, but let’s get into more details.

1. Auto Glass Damage Always Spreads

Without an RV glass repair, that chip on your windshield won’t just remain static. Gradually but surely, expanding cracks start to form, and they do not stop until they’ve reached the corners of your windshield. 

During this process, the entire structural integrity of the glass weakens, making it much more likely for it to completely shatter during an impact. If that would happen, you’d then be even more endangered than just because of the collisions, as shards of glass could burst inwards.

Yes, windshields are designed specifically to break in a safe manner to you, but only when they’re in top condition.

Moreover, even if the unfortunate doesn’t happen, cracks can still let in gusts of wind, flying pests, and other natural elements like rain and dust, which are simply an annoyance. On top of that, our Arizona climate really isn’t too friendly for auto glass, with flying debris being more common, and the blazing heat negatively impacting your windshield.

 2. RV Glass Repair Is Quick & Efficient

An RV windshield repair, if done right, doesn’t even require you to leave your home. Yep, mobile rv windshield repairs & windshield replacements are actually available throughout the whole Phoenix Metro Area.

At ProLite Auto Glass, we even offer such a service for no additional cost, and our expert technicians are usually done in less than 30 minutes. No matter if you’d like the procedure done at your own home, a friend’s place, or your office, the offer stays the same!

Our specialists will drive over, inject resin into troubled spots, and leave before you notice them.

3.   You Might Not Have a Deductible

It’s normal for your first thought when it comes to auto glass damage to be “well, how much is this going to cost me?”. And true enough, windshield replacement costs can actually amount to quite a bit, but there’s good news too.

An RV windshield repair or replacement can go as low as $0 out-of-pocket if you have full coverage insurance. In that case, events like debris damaging your windshield fall into the category of “no-fault claims”. 

4. The Procedure’s Quality Can Vary

Depending on which auto glass shop you choose to work with, the quality of the procedure will differ. For example, some shops can choose to work with second rate materials in order to cut costs, or don’t check all of your vehicle’s specifications properly through your VIN ahead of time.

If the proper materials and techniques aren’t put to use, then the fitting of the windshield might not be precise, or the glass itself can break more easily.

At ProLite, we only work with OEM approved glass, and all of our technicians are highly trained in the field, with the added bonus of having over 10 years of experience. Should you wish to work with us for your auto glass needs, our friendly customer care team awaits your call at (480) 525-6554.

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