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Truck Windshield Repair & Replacement

ProLite Auto Glass is your No. 1 stop for truck windshield replacement in the Phoenix, AZ, metro area. When it comes to windshield replacement, there is no better establishment. ProLite works with all varieties of trucks and vehicles and offers many qualities that few in the industry dare offer.

Truck Windshield Replacement

You may need to replace your truck’s windshield if there is damage that limits the driver’s line of sight, there is damage in the frame of the windshield, the damage is larger than a dollar bill or there are more than three small spots of damage on the windshield. Even if it seems like something small, it may not be worth attempting to repair, as minor windshield damage can expand and possibly lead to an accident.

If cost is an issue, consider that glass coverage may be included in your insurance policy, meaning you may only need to pay part of the cost or even none at all. Our staff or technicians will gladly help you file a claim. If you do not have insurance, ProLite can work with you to address your replacement without exceeding your budget.

High-Quality Glass & Lifetime Warranty

Unlike the competition, ProLite proudly uses high-quality glass and only trusts trained and experienced technicians to complete your replacement. Also, the replacement is completed using manufacturer specifications, further guaranteeing that the job will be done right. To top things off, your replacement comes with a lifetime warranty.

ProLite Auto Glass values its customers above anything else and in order to maintain their safety and satisfaction it also offers mobile windshield replacement service and accepts all insurances. That means that no matter where you are or what insurance you have ProLite can help you with your windshield repair needs.

The best part is that our mobile windshield service is FREE! ProLite truly understands what it takes to keep a customer both safe and satisfied.

truck windshield replacement

Truck Windshield Repair

Our service is not limited to one type of vehicle. Our expert technicians are able to replace windshields in all types of vehicles including but not limited to pick-ups, sport utility vehicles, box trucks, and vans. We work with the following makes: Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, BMW, Acura, Audi, and Buick. At ProLite, no vehicle is out of our area of expertise.