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Full-Range Auto Glass Services in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ is the fifth most populous city in our country, which translates to numerous vehicles on the road. With all that traffic, chips and cracks can appear on your windshield seemingly out of nowhere. What happens in fact, more often than not, is that cars ahead of you involuntarily toss rocks or pebbles off the highway straight into your windshield. You might be tempted to put up with small signs of damage, waiting until the cracks worsen before seeking repairs. This however, is to your detriment. Cracks don’t stay idle for long, beginning an effect known as “spider-webbing”. Basically, they do not stop spreading until they reach the corners of your auto glass. This unfortunate reality, combined with the fact that your windshield is responsible for 45%-60% of your car’s structural integrity, can result in some unwanted scenarios.

There’s no need to worry though, as at ProLite, we offer a wide range of free mobile car glass replacement services. That’s right, not only will our expert windshield installers come to your very doorstep, or any other place within the Metro Area, but it’s for $0 Out-of-Pocket cost as well! We can offer you these services as we’re a preferred installer of most major insurers, thanks to our commendable work ethic and excellent customer care. Moreover, in order for you to fully trust us, you’ll also receive a lifetime warranty for any of our auto glass replacement procedures. That’s simply how sure we are that we only do top notch jobs.

Just give us a call at (480) 525-6554, and you’ll see for yourself why we’re considered a first rate auto glass shop in the industry before long!

  • $0 Out-of-Pocket
  • We Come To You For Free
  • Minimal Disruption To Your Day
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All Insurances Accepted
  • Preferred Installer By All Major Insurances
  • Technicians With 10+ Years of Experience

Insurance Covered Windshield Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Even though windshields are made out of laminated glass, they’re still just glass. As such, they’re vulnerable to getting damaged by rocks and pebbles that fly around Arizona’s highways. When that happens, your vehicle will be open for business to all sorts of annoyances. Various winged pests, gusts of wind and rain will start invading your automobile and seriously affect your well being. What’s more, windshield chips and cracks are fineable in Phoenix, AZ. So don’t wait for the authorities to “motivate” you into having a windshield repair. Call ProLite as soon as you spot glass damage, and we’ll drive to your very doorstep to provide free car glass replacement services. If you don’t have insurance, no problem! We’ll work together on a plan that doesn’t exceed your budget.

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Expert Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

At ProLite, making sure we deliver the best auto glass repair & replacement services available is our top priority. This is why all of our professional windshield installers haven’t only received extensive training in this field, but they also have over 10 years of experience. Therefore, you can be sure that they only perform top notch jobs.

In order to back up our claim, we offer a lifetime warranty for any car glass replacement procedure that they undertake, including windshield replacement. Moreover, we guarantee to only have a minimal impact on your day, as we know how packed a modern schedule is. Generally speaking, we’ll be done in less than 30 minutes!

Side and Back Window Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

We aim to assure that you have complete peace of mind when you’re behind the steering wheel. In order to achieve this, we carefully and thoroughly inspect your auto glass, in order to discover all irregularities. Once that’s done, we efficiently inject all trouble spots with resin, covering all chips that aren’t deeper than ⅛ of an inch and all cracks not wider than 3 inches.

More serious damage will however require a full-scale side window replacement or back window replacement. Of course, we can easily handle such issues as well. In fact, you don’t even have to drive to our car glass shop in Mesa, since all of our services are mobile. No matter if you’re at home, at work, or at a friend’s house, we’ll get there as long as it’s in the Phoenix Valley!

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Truck Glass Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

When you’re driving down Arizona’s highways, one of the last things you want to hear is a popping noise coming from your windshield. Such occurrences can however be quite common, as our climate favours flying debris. Additionally, our auto glass gradually weakens because of it being between the blazing desert sun, and blasts of cold air from the AC. As such, it’s durability is reduced, and it breaks easier. Not to worry though! Just give us a call at (480) 525-6554, or request a free quote with the form down below, and your truck glass replacement service will be on its way!


Mobile RV Glass Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Our fast & efficient work ethic doesn’t extend only to our mobile car glass replacement service. Actually, we can handle auto glass damage for any sort of four wheeled vehicle, no matter its model, shape, size or color! As such, if you’re in need of an RV glass repair, we’ll handle it for free! That’s right, we’ll work with your insurer of choice so that your total out-of-pocket cost will be the grand total of $0!


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