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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ is the fifth most populous city in the country, which translates to numerous vehicles on the road. With all that traffic, chips and cracks can appear on your windshield seemingly out of nowhere. Some drivers put up with small signs of damage, waiting until it gets worse before seeking repairs. Don’t annoy yourself, or risk a small crack causing major damage, by driving around with these minor imperfections. Call us at ProLite Auto Glass for quick and easy windshield repair and replacement today.

ProLite is proud to offer its Phoenix, AZ customers the following services and more:

Windshield Repair

Our experts have the skills and expertise needed to tackle windshield repair for any vehicle, including SUVs and luxury cars. Wherever possible, our pros attempt to repair damage before recommending a window replacement, helping to reduce your costs. We also accept all types of insurance, and offer free mobile auto glass service throughout the Phoenix area.

Window Replacement (Windshield, Side, and Back Windows)

Not all windows can be repaired. In situations like these, our experts recommend you invest in windshield replacement as soon as possible. Your windshield offers you more protection than you think, and makes up over 80 percent of your vehicle’s structural integrity. Don’t risk your safety by driving around with a broken window. At ProLite Auto Glass, we offer all our customers same-day (when available) front, side, and rear window replacement, minimizing the time you have to spend without access to your vehicle.

Truck Windshield Replacement

Regardless of the size of your truck, a minor chip or crack can quickly become deadly. Consider truck windshield replacement the moment you notice any damage to avoid accidents. Try not to worry about cost, as glass coverage is likely part of your insurance policy. Our friendly staff members can help you complete the call required to file your claim. We are committed to road safety here in Phoenix, and can work with you and your budget to find a truck window replacement solution.

RV Glass Replacement

Phoenix is a busy, bustling city. Many residents enjoy getting out in their mobile home or RV on the weekends or holidays to escape the noise. Don’t let damaged RV glass or windows prevent you from getting the peace and tranquility you deserve. At ProLite, we do everything in our power to replace your windshield and get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Get Your Auto Glass Repaired in Phoenix, AZ

Here at ProLite Auto Glass, we strive to be the best windshield repair destination in Phoenix. We offer our customers wonderful customer service, high-quality parts and labor, and fast repairs done at affordable rates. Don’t drive around the busy city of Phoenix in need of window repair. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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