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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Scottsdale, AZ

Glass serves a valuable purpose, formidable protection from harsh weather, and a barrier between loved ones and flying debris. Windshield safety, along with rear and side window tempered glass, withstands extreme temperatures and road shrapnel. The durability of low-grade glass is not what it’s cracked up to be. Literally! We know administering quality installations and utilizing premium materials is key in safeguarding against glass failure. It’s all about safety!

We Are For Cost-Effective Consumers

Cruising down the interstate, rocks can fly up and put a damper on your adventurous spirit. Our standards for auto glass repair is straight-forward. Do you have a cracked windshield? If it’s a single crack just short of 3 inches in length, put that extra fun money back in your pocketbook! For chips, we check depth before giving the okay for repair over replace. We take all your chips off the table and save you cash!

Windshield Repair

At ProLite Auto Glass, our eye for quality glass and commitment to the locals and travelers that trust us with their auto glass needs in Scottsdale, AZ sets us apart from the rest. We know that our windshield repair can save you close to three-fourths the cost of full replacement–offering your wallet relief from the beating sun of astronomical expenses!

Window Replacement

The monsoon season in Arizona can wreak unprecedented havoc on your vehicle. High winds, intense rains, and debris battered windows and doors can splinter windshields and unsettle the bravest traveler. Replacing back, side or front windows may be to your advantage. Our OEE and OEM glass is a tier above the Aftermarket glass options. During storms, our glass out rides its alternative and our stellar auto glass services hold back the rain!

Truck Windshield Replacement

Trekking over the plains and gorges so intrinsic to the untamed beauty of Arizona, truck window or windshield replacement might become a byproduct of your fun-loving wanderlust quests. Our mobile auto glass service comes to you so you can leave worry behind and fuel in the tank!

RV Glass Replacement

Trust our professional glass techs to keep your favorite camping spot free of shattered dreams and shards of compromised glass. Whatever RV window you need replaced; back, front, or side, we’ve got the tools if you’ve got the need! Don’t cut your vacation short because of a minor mishap. Faulty windows won’t be the breaking point in your traveling excursions any longer!

Give ProLite Auto Glass a call today to schedule an appointment that will ensure your road-trip dreams are not stymied by shattered glass!

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