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Windshield Replacement

When you’ve suffered windshield damage it’s no time to procrastinate! Your windshield is a major element of your vehicle safety and is responsible for up to 85% of the structural integrity of your vehicle. Even a small chip or crack can quickly become a major problem and a safety hazard if not dealt with promptly.

Mobile Windshield Replacement

ProLite offers fast windshield replacement in Mesa, AZ and throughout the Phoenix area with our FREE Mobile Services. If you need your windshield replaced, we’ll come to you for free!

Replace Your Windshield

  • Chips larger than 3/8 of an inch and cracks over three inches require immediate windshield replacement
  • Cracks that have splintered to the edge of the windshield can unexpectedly spread and create a hazard. They require immediate replacement, especially if the damage is in your line of vision.
  • The longer you leave your windshield damage unattended, the more likely the damage will compound. If your windshield is damaged, chipped or cracked. We make it easy! Just call ProLite and we’ll come to you with our mobile auto glass replacement service!

Windshield Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement

At ProLite Auto Glass we service every make and model vehicle. No matter if you drive a Ford, Lexus, Toyota or BMW, we can replace your glass with the proper car windshield replacement that meets the OEM quality standards for your vehicle.

We offer FREE mobile services and a lifetime warranty with every windshield replacement. We have the best technicians in the business expertly trained in windshield replacement. First, our technicians carefully remove your windshield taking special care not to damage the paint or bonding surface. We then select the correct windshield for your vehicle the meets OEM standards quality standards for your make and model vehicle. Finally, your windshield is replaced using Auto Safety Glass Council approved adhesive. After a one-hour curing period to ensure safe and proper bonding, you’re ready to drive away with safe and secure!

ProLite works with all insurance carriers and if you’re covered, you can get your windshield replaced quickly, safely and with $0 out of pocket expense!