Side Window & Door Glass Replacement

There are certain maintenance or replacement issues we can plan for when it comes to our vehicles. Many of us know we need to receive factory scheduled maintenance every 30,000 miles or so. We can schedule our next oil change at a certain number of miles in the future, and we often can tell when we might be due for an air filter change. However, there are other problems that can’t always be planned. A broken window, for example, often comes out of nowhere and requires some quick action to take place. This is especially true if you experience a broken side window or side glass and need it replaced ASAP. The best thing you can do for your car is bring it to ProLite Auto Glass where a highly skilled team of professional auto technicians can help get you the right glass replacement with precision.

Do I Need to Repair or Replace?

It’s not always possible to plan for certain repairs or replacements on our vehicles. While we might know that our next oil change is due in X miles, we can’t always predict when the passenger side window will be accidentally broken by a runaway golf ball. Side glass can be broken more frequently than you might like to think and it’s important that you have a team of auto glass experts who know how to quickly replace and install that glass with efficiency and expertise.

Side Glass Damage

Side glass can get damaged more often than you might think. Many people experience side glass damage when someone attempts to break into their car by breaking a side window. In addition, side glass can be broken due to freak accidents such as a baseball being hit through the glass, large rocks being kicked up on the freeway, or other unpredictable situations. It’s due to this unpredictability that it’s vital to know a reliable and trusted auto glass replacement company who can help get you the glass you need as quickly as possible. When you take your vehicle to ProLite Auto Glass we will not only be able to get you the glass you need, but will be able to replace it and get you back on the road.

Side window replacement

Safety First

When you are in need of side glass replacement, you’re not just doing it so your car will look right again. You are also replacing the glass for your own safety and security. Having a damaged side glass can expose your car to many things, such as the outside elements and sticky fingers of possible thefts. When you are either missing a piece of side glass or have partial damage, your vehicle and everything inside are more vulnerable than they should be. Whether it’s raining hard and water is getting inside the vehicle or someone is walking by and feels tempted to reach inside and grab something from your backseat, side glass can do a lot to prevent unfavorable things from occurring. If you are in need of a side glass replacement it’s best to do it right away; come to us at ProLite Auto glass and we’ll help prioritize your safety!