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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Glendale, AZ

Driving with a cracked, chipped, or broken window in Glendale can be incredibly dangerous. Even minor chips can quickly become cracks that obstruct your view. Stay safe by having your glass examined by a professional at Prolite Auto Glass in Glendale as soon as you notice damage. The experts at ProLite Auto Glass are available to help with all your needs.

We pride ourselves on assisting our customers with the following services and more:

Windshield Repair

Damage done to your windshield can prevent you from having a clear line of sight of the road. Even minor damage can interfere with your view, compromising your safety and the safety of others on the road. Have one of our experts come to you to have a chipped and/or cracked windshield repaired as soon as you notice any damage. We can have you driving safely in no time.

Windshield Replacement (Windshield, Door Glass, and Back Windows)

A broken window is more than just an eyesore, it can create an incredibly uncomfortable driving situation. ProLite Auto Glass can take care of your windshield, door glass, and rear window replacement with ease.

Truck Windshield Replacement

Not all service centers have the tools or knowledge to replace windshields on larger trucks. Here at ProLite Auto Glass, we have the experience and the equipment needed to take care of your truck windshield replacement, no matter how big or small your vehicle is. We can handle replacements for all makes and models, helping you get back on the road as soon as possible.

RV Glass Replacement

Arizona is home to numerous RV sites, offering travelers year-round access to some of the most beautiful attractions in the country. ProLite Auto Glass is here to help RV travelers from across the country with their windshield replacement needs. The glass used in RVs tends to be drastically different from traditional auto glass, coming in various sizes and thicknesses. At ProLite Auto Glass, we can replace your glass and get you back out on the road, regardless of your RV windshield replacement specifications.

Visit ProLite Auto Glass For Affordable and Quality Service

Glendale is home to numerous attractions, sporting, and cultural events. Don’t let a broken or cracked windshield prevent you from enjoying everything the city has to offer. Call ProLite Auto Glass today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. We offer fantastic customer service, affordable prices, the latest tools and equipment to help you get back on the road sooner and safer.

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