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During our over 10 years of experience in the field, we’ve noticed that a few inquiries are more prevalent than others. Below, you’ll probably find the answers to your questions. However, should you have any questions that aren’t answered below, our friendly customer care team is eagerly awaiting your call at (480) 525-6554. If you’d rather get in touch with us by e-mail, head on over to our contact page, where you can fill out a form.

Why should I repair my auto glass?
A small crack in your windshield might be out of your field of view, and thus considered unimportant, but that will soon change. Gradually, glass damage “spider-webs” to the corners, compromising its structural integrity and your safety. Even if one of your side windows is compromised, it will start letting in gusts of wind, rain, and flying pests, until it eventually shatters.
How much does it cost to replace my windshield or car windows?
This is actually the best part! There’s actually no reason to worry yourself about the average cost of a windshield replacement. When you work with us through your insurance company, you’re not paying a dime! Yep, $0 Out-of-Pocket, and we accept any and all insurances.
Do I have to make the insurance claim myself?
We’ll readily assist you with making the insurance claim, but we can’t directly make it for you. That’s because the process is a 3 way call between yourself, us, and your insurer, in order to make sure that the claim is set up properly.
Will the claim raise my rates?
These are “no fault” claims, and shouldn’t have any effect whatsoever on your rates!
What if I don’t have insurance?
Not an issue! Just get in touch with us, and we’ll work together on a repair or replacement plan that doesn’t exceed your budget. Just remember to check your email as soon as possible once requesting a free quote, because we’ll also require your VIN number.
Do I have to drive to your shop?
Nope! At ProLite, we offer a full range of mobile auto glass repair & replacement services. Wherever you might be located in the Phoenix Metro Area, we’ll reach you! Feel free to call us over at your home, workplace, or anywhere else.
How long does a windshield replacement take?
The exact specifications of each repair and replacement differ depending on the severity of the damage and your car’s make & model, but generally speaking, our procedures take less than 30 minutes!
What type of glass do you use?
All of our glass products come from first rate suppliers, and are OEM approved. The only replacement you’ll get is with glass that has been recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. What’s more, we service any 4 wheeled automobile that’s powered by an engine!
Do I receive any sort of guarantee for the procedure?
Of course! At ProLite, we’re firm believers that quality should always come first. After our expert technicians assess your particular problem, they’ll recommend the appropriate solution and hand you a lifetime warranty once they’re finished.
How much cash back do I qualify for?
Our auto glass rebates can go up to $350! Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll establish how much you qualify for depending on the required procedure.
Will you recalibrate my sensors and cameras after the windshield replacement?
Absolutely! We offer full-scale ADAS sensor calibration and recalibration, whether you need it after a windshield replacement, or in general.
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