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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert, Arizona has many sights to see and things to do, but the startling sound of splintering glass can bring your plans to explore to an abrupt halt. Does your vehicle need some TLC? At ProLite Auto Glass, we offer free mobile service to Gilbert, Arizona, where our auto glass repair professionals can get you back on the road and ready to experience new adventures!

Nicks or Chips? We Can Help!

Driving along you can see the picturesque landscape of southeastern Arizona, and it’s breathtaking. What’s not so picturesque are the busy roadways that are hazardous to your glass windows. The numerous drivers that take local roadways like Loop 202 and the US60, can cause rocks to fly and windows to chip. Don’t sweat it! ProLite Auto Glass is here to help!

We want to ensure minor windshield repair doesn’t, over time, lead to windshield replacement. If your windshield is damaged by chips or cracks, come in and see us! Our skilled staff examines the damage to make sure your windshield doesn’t require more attention.

When It’s Time to Replace

Many people may not realize how dangerous compromised windshields can be. The integrity of a vehicle’s structure can actually be reliant on the windshield. If a collision occurred and your windshield was improperly installed, the window could pop out, causing your roof to collapse. ProLite Auto Glass installs the best quality glass, OEE and OEM when approved and allows the proper cure times needed to set and adhere properly.

Extreme temperature changes that are common with Arizona’s climate, specifically during the monsoon season, cause spreading of window cracks or chips. Windows on any part of your vehicle that are damaged can allow moisture in and cause mildew on the interior. And for people who call their vehicle home, like RV owners, mold spores are not what you should have to deal with when journeying to exotic places nearby like the beautiful Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. Our ProLite Auto Repair shop services help you experience everything Arizona has to offer!

We Replace Your RV’s Glass

The sunny climate of Arizona welcomes retirees and families to explore and linger. Recreational vehicles are great for long trips to stunning vistas, but their windows can be difficult to replace. The ProLite Auto Glass trained window installers can cut, shape and fit the thicker glass that RV’s often have to keep the memories and your journey right on rolling!

Off-Roading Trucks Are Covered Too

Have your off-roading adventures given your windshield a rough ride? Cracked or chipped windshields shouldn’t stop you from bumping over the dusty trails of Arizona. Truck windshield replacement or rear window repair are easy fixes for ProLite Auto Glass. Our mobile auto glass repair allows us to come to you and fix any broken windows. We make it easy and affordable.

Make ProLite Auto Glass Your Choice in Window Repair

Contact us today and we’ll get your windows repaired and you back on track to enjoying everything Arizona has to offer!