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Full-Range Auto Glass Services in Avondale, AZ

Looking for professional auto glass replacement or repair in Avondale AZ? We are here to help! With over 10 years of experience in the field, and 30k+ satisfied customers, you can be sure that we only do top notch jobs. Our expert technicians aren’t only masters of their craft, they’re really expedient with it too! A usual auto glass repair or replacement doesn’t longer than 30 minutes!

Additionally, when working with us, you don’t pay out of your pocket for your car window replacement. That’s right, we accept all insurance plans, and are also considered a preferred shop by most insurance companies. This is thanks to our customer-centric work ethic, and that we continuously excel in our branch of business.

Moreover, our service range of auto window and windshield repair & replacement services is completely mobile too! We come to a location that’s convenient for you free of charge, wherever that may be in Avondale, AZ, or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metro Area! Want us to come to your home’s doorstep? All right! Have some things to do at your office and would like your windshield fixed in the meantime? Perfect! Out of Avondale for a while but still the Greater Valley? No problem, just get in touch with us! And the best part? You’re getting a lifetime warranty after the necessary replacement procedure has been carried out.

Just give us a call us at (480) 525-6554 to schedule an appointment or to find out more about our services. You’ll see why we’re one of Arizona’s most trusted auto glass companies in no time!

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  • $0 Out-of-Pocket
  • We Come To You For Free
  • Minimal Disruption To Your Day
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All Insurances Accepted
  • Preferred Installer By All Major Insurances
  • Technicians With 10+ Years of Experience

Windshield Repair in Avondale AZ

Even tiny chips or small cracks on your windshield can compromise your safety! This is because that sort of damage doesn’t remain static. Windshields (even though they are laminated glass) can dilate and contract, and since our temperatures are generally fairly high, this means that extra pressure is put onto that chip quite regularly. What’s more, the windshield is being blasted by cold air from the inside of your vehicle, and being between two extremes weakens its structure. If you find yourself in need of repairs to avoid further worsening of the damage, we’re just a phone call away. Our professionals will handle your windshield chip repair with minimal disruption to your day, and for free as well.

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Windshield Replacement in Avondale AZ

In some cases, damage to your windshield is so extensive that repairs are no longer a viable option. Resin can be inserted into chips not deeper than 1/8 of an inch or cracks not wider than 3 inches just fine, but such repairs won’t hold when the compromised area is wider, or move severe. Not an issue though! When it’s time to replace your windshield, our technicians with more than 10 years of experience can handle it on location for you. And as an added bonus, you’ll even receive a lifetime warranty, as that’s how sure we are of their efficiency.

Car Window Replacement in Avondale AZ

We always provide the best car window glass replacement service, no matter the make or model of your car. Over their career, our team of specialists have worked with vehicles from the following brands, and more: Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, BMW, Acura, Audi, and Buick. If it has an engine and rolls on four wheels, we can fix its auto glass with haste and skill. Moreover, your Out-of-Pocket cost will be the grand total of $0, as we work with all insurers, and we’re even a preferred installer of most major ones. If you don’t have insurance, we still have you covered! We’ll work together on a replacement plan that doesn’t exceed your budget.

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Truck Windshield Repair & Replacement in Avondale AZ

When you need to get your truck windshield repaired or replaced by a team of highly trained technicians, we’re your #1 stop. At ProLite, we replace windshields in all types of vehicles, including (but not limited to): pick-ups, box trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans. It’s crucial to assure that your visibility of the road isn’t impaired at any point. If flying debris makes its way into your windshield or side window while on the highway, make sure to call us at (480) 525-6554. We’ll have the problem solved before it worsens.


RV Glass Repair & Replacement in Avondale AZ

Going on vacations with family and friends in your trusty RV has a charm of its own. You’re free to explore exactly the spots that you want to, because your home on wheels is way more convenient than having to go back to a specific location at every day’s end. Before setting out on your journey though, we recommend thoroughly checking for auto glass for damage, so that your vacation isn’t ruined by gusts of wind, rain, and flying pests sneaking through the cracks. If you do notice any chips or cracks, contact us as soon as possible, as our friendly team is standing by.

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