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Arizona, Nation’s Broken Auto Glass Capital?

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Cracked or broken auto glass can compromise the integrity of your vehicle to the point of making it undrivable in safe conditions. That’s because a windshield is responsible for 45%-60% of a vehicle’s structural integrity. As such, you’d simply be placing yourself at risk by keeping to use a car which has a chip or crack that’s gradually worsening. Unfortunately, Arizona residents are more accustomed to this reality more so than those in any other state. Here, mobile auto glass installation has become a common occurrence, with many people needing such services.

Of course, the problem can’t be pinpointed to a single source. Several factors contribute to Arizona’s abnormally high rate of broken auto glass. From flying debris to our blazing sun, our environment isn’t the friendliest for your car’s windshield. Read on to learn about the different risks, and why you should maybe consider having car glass insurance.

Four Possible Causes for a Windshield Crack in the Phoenix Metro Area

  1. The 101 in the east valley contributes to a lot of broken windshields. Construction along this freeway leads to debris ending up on the road, but the biggest problem is the decorative gravel along the side of the highway. It’s part of what makes this stretch of highway so scenic, but it also puts windshields in danger. Every time a car pulls into or out of the gravel, it shoots rocks into the road. Those pebbles eventually get kicked up into the air and go bouncing off into windshields.
  2. Arizona’s heat also does its part to contribute to broken auto glass, too. Windshield damage often starts as a tiny chip that may not look like much of a problem. When cars sit in the heat, the glass expands and puts additional pressure on the area, causing the damage to grow until it becomes a severe problem. Moreover, a windshield is also weakened by rapid temperature changes. It’s especially important to get even the smallest chips repaired. Doing so now can save you from more significant issues in the long run.
  3. In other parts of the country, debris and pebbles get caught in grassy areas along the side of roads. Since desert covers so much of Arizona, it’s easier for rocks to roll onto the highway. Unfortunately though, the presence of pebbles on roadways is part of the cost of living in this part of the country.
  4. Like we’ve mentioned above, rapid changes in temperature can cause stress cracks in a windshield. Arizona residents can experience reasonably severe temperature drops after the sun goes down, but air conditioning is the biggest culprit. Your windshield can get burning hot from sitting in the desert sun all day, and it gets cold quickly when you turn your car on and blast the AC at maximum power.

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In case you’re a resident of the Phoenix Metro area, or just passing by to visit the great attractions we have around here, there’s a reasonably good chance you’re going to require an auto glass repair. That’s why we’re here! ProLite Auto Glass is a family owned shop, where we place our customer’s satisfaction as a top priority. Should you choose to work with us, we offer $0 Out-of-Pocket auto glass repair & replacement if you have full car glass coverage, and we’ll even drive to any place in the Greater Valley, free of charge! Our friendly customer care team awaits your call at (480) 525-664.

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