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A To-Do List for When the Windshield Cracks While Driving

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Going on a leisurely drive or traveling for an errand can seem like your usual Tuesday afternoon until your windshield suddenly cracks. Windshield cracks could have been caused by a certain object and its impact, hitting the glass to weaken its structural integrity. The sudden damage may also have occurred due to the windshield’s poor quality. If a crack suddenly appears or you notice it while driving, there are certain steps you should take.

What to do when your windshield cracks:

Step 1: Don’t Panic

Some drivers may initially panic after seeing the windshield chip and crack, fearing that the glass might shatter into several sharp pieces onto you. However, keep in mind that the glass pane of a car windshield is different from window glass.

Car windshields are often built up of two laminated glass panes and a layer of plastic. This composition allows the windshield to stay intact as much as possible. They are susceptible to shattering under pressure, but the glass wouldn’t fall onto you.

Step 2: Get Off the Road

The worst-case scenario for a windshield crack is to completely remove your vision while driving as it spreads into numerous other cracks. Going on the road without proper sight will likely end in disaster, so be sure to pull over as soon as possible.

Set your hazard signal so that other cars are aware that you’re running into an emergency. After doing so, slowly steer the vehicle off the road. You may be staying in that place for a while, so be sure to stop at a safe place.

Step 3: Exit the Vehicle

Be sure to carefully open the car and exit the vehicle. If you’re driving with any family, friends, or other company, ensure that they get out of the vehicle safely too. People in the passenger seat should take great care when exiting the car. Once you’re finally out, you can turn off the hazard signal and let your passengers rest.

Step 4: Check the Damage

Check for what specific part of the vehicle’s windshield is damaged and how bad the cracks are. Even the slightest chip in the glass can still cause concern since a hole may develop in the windshield. Do take caution when running your own inspection and avoid touching the windshield itself to prevent putting pressure on it.

Step 5: Contact the Professionals

The final course of action when the windshield cracks while on the road is to call the professionals. Attempting to repair the windshield by yourself will likely have the whole glass pane break, which can cause you injuries.

To ensure your and your passengers’ complete safety, get windshield repair services in your area. Ideally, they will be able to repair your windshield wherever you are so that you can continue on and drive home safely.

Fixing Your Windshield Crack near Mesa, AZ

Windshield cracks are pretty scary as they can occur at any moment, even when you’re driving. Just remember to keep a calm and cool head while completing these five steps and waiting for windshield repair professionals to come to your aid.

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