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5 Situations That Will Make You Say “I Need a New Windshield”

August 13, 2020

The idea of a “regular day” has steadily become to associate itself more and more with busy schedules. More often than not, we need to be everywhere at once, so a crack or chip in your auto glass might not seem like a priority. However, when you need a new windshield, it is crucial that you don’t delay.

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4 Things You Need to Know About RV Glass Repair

July 30, 2020

Owning a motorhome is a feeling of its own. Sure, cars are useful, and even required in many cases in this day and age, but they’re just a means of transportation in the end. RVs however can be a complete way of life. As such, overlooking aspects like an RV glass repair can ultimately cost you in more ways than one.

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Windshield Replacement Cost With Insurance: What to Expect

July 22, 2020

A full coverage insurance for your front windshield can go a long way in helping you avoid replacement costs which can go pretty high. Between $175 and $2000 to be more precise, and averaging at around $500. However, your windshield replacement cost with insurance can go as low as $0!

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DIY: Essentials for Your Windshield Chip Repair Kit

June 5, 2020

Windshield damage can unfortunately happen way easier than you might expect. If you’re in such a scenario, a mobile windshield chip repair is what we recommend, but you can buy a windshield chip repair kit and attempt the procedure yourself too.

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How a Windshield Rock Chip Repair is Handled

May 8, 2020

Hearing that loud popping noise coming from your windshield when you’re driving down the highway can be a thoroughly alarming experience. You know that something has just hit the glass, but it’s really hard to tell in that split second how extensive the damage actually is. Once you manage to stop the car and inspect the area though, there are a few indications of what you’re dealing with. These are also tell signs if you need windshield rock chip repair, or a full-scale windshield replacement.

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If You Care About Road Safety, Fix Your Windshield Crack

April 10, 2020

Knowing that you have to fix your windshield crack can be a constant headache, we get it. Every time you get behind the wheel, that pesky auto glass damage is there. If it’s not within your field of view though, you might be tempted to postpone the repair. However, we strongly advise against doing this, because if you keep delaying a windscreen crack repair long enough, you will inadvertently end up needing a full-scale replacement.

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Windshield Repair vs Replacement: What’s Better

March 25, 2020

If your vehicle’s windshield gets chipped or cracked, choosing a solution between windshield repair vs replacement is definitely going to be a question that pops ups. Let’s get right into the specifics of these two procedures, and even how to identify the best deal on windshield replacement.

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