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Pros and Cons of Mobile Windshield Repair vs. In-Shop

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When you have a cracked windshield, it’s no surprise that you shouldn’t be driving. It is unsafe, and therefore, you should have the glass replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Now, a common question we often hear from our customers is whether it’s better to have the windshield fixed by technicians in the shop or via a mobile service?

Mobile windshield repair services are a relatively new idea, and make for a convenient option for when you need a repair or replacement. However, it may not be applicable to all scenarios. Mobile installations are generally only necessary if the car owner physically cannot take their vehicle to the shop. However, in-shop servicing, while slightly less convenient, has its’ fair share of advantages as well. Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons of mobile windshield repair vs. in-shop repair.

Mobile Windshield Repair

A mobile windshield repair service is generally chosen when the vehicle cannot be driven to a shop due to sustained damage. This service comes to your location, making it convenient, easy, and quick.

Moreover, you can get instant glass replacement anytime since mobile auto glass services operate outside traditional business hours. That means you can get your vehicle repaired before, during, or after work.

Most auto glass repairs are simple enough to take the technician only an hour or two to replace your damaged windshield. If your car sustained some dents and small cracks, this is the easiest option.

In-Shop Auto Glass Service

If the strength of mobile auto glass service is convenience, in-shop auto glass repair relies on comprehensiveness. An in-shop service allows mechanics to use better tools and equipment to repair significant damage to your vehicle.

Aside from being more comprehensive, an in-shop auto glass service is also more affordable since you no longer need to pay for the convenience of having a technician come to your home or workplace.

Moreover, if your vehicle has significant or severe damage, an in-shop service can provide better repair and replacement since all equipment needed is there. Most insurance companies also only cover in-shop servicing since rates are much lower.

While most shops offer both in-shop and mobile auto glass servicing with the same technicians to repair your vehicle’s damage, they won’t have access to the same tools and equipment. So, if you can manage to bring your car to a shop, this may be a more practical option. However, if it cannot be moved or you’re unable to make it to the shop for any particular reason, a mobile repair is your option.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Auto Glass Service

Now that the pros and cons of mobile and in-shop auto glass servicing have been discussed, here are some factors to consider when choosing between the two:

1.    Convenience

If you can’t sneak in a car repair between work and other responsibilities, a mobile windshield repair service is more convenient. You can have your broken windshield instantly repaired or replaced, as technicians will come to your location and be done with it in an hour or two. Meanwhile, you can continue working while your car is getting repaired.

2.    Weather and Driving Conditions

If outdoor temperatures are too hot or cold, the adhesives might not hold the car glass in place, which is a concern for mobile auto glass replacement. Although, some urethane products can also be used to remain effective even at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, snow and rain can make mobile auto glass replacement more challenging since the glass must be installed on a clean and dry car frame.

Choosing Between Mobile Windshield Repair and In-Shop Auto Glass Repair

In a nutshell, your chosen repair service must depend on your availability and the extent of the damage to your car windshield. If the damage is severe and you have the time, an in-shop auto glass service can provide comprehensive repair. If the damage is less significant and you’re rather busy, a mobile auto glass service is convenient.

ProLite Auto Glass is a top-notch auto glass shop in Phoenix, AZ, and we pride ourselves on our craft. From our certified auto glass service technicians with over ten years of experience to the fact that we only use products from first-rate suppliers, you can rest assured to get reliable and efficient service. If you need a mobile or in-shop auto glass service, call now or text (480) 525-6554!

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