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5 Places To Visit in Arizona for Car Enthusiasts

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There are a lot of ways in which Arizona is a paradise, and it’s easy for automotive enthusiasts to see the benefit of living here or visiting. The clear weather and dry driving conditions make our state ideal for the real car fanatics out there, and we also have the attractions to go with them. Whether you’re a native or just visiting, you should check out these next 5 places to visit in Arizona. Of course, there are way more than 5 locations worth your time, but after visiting them, we’re confident you’ll want to research further ones yourself!

1. Penske Racing Museum

This slice of history is sure to delight any fan of automotive racing, being one of the top tourist attractions in Arizona in this regard. We’re confident that you’ll bask in the nostalgia of this collection of memorabilia, which includes items from a span of over 40 years. You’ll find some of Penske Racing’s legendary Indy 500 cars, in addition to other displays of historic cars, trophies, and even merchandise that’s a natural fit for an enthusiast.

2. Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving

The Penske Racing Museum will get you all fired up, and you may find that you’re ready to take your run around a track. The Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving will satisfy your need for speed with their state of the art facility, especially created to assure both a one-of-a-kind experience, as well as your safety throughout it. Register in advance, and you can put the pedal to the metal in an impressive fleet that includes souped-up Corvettes.

3. Arizona Biltmore Hotel

This pristine spot in Phoenix is the home of the Arizona Concours d’Elegance, where stylish cars compete for prizes in a variety of classes. Even if you miss the big event, you’re almost guaranteed to see some impressive rides when you visit the Biltmore. Among the places to visit in Arizona, this should definitely be near the top of your list if you enjoy the finer things in life.

4. Martin Auto Museum

The Martin Auto Museum in Phoenix is home to some of the most beautiful cars ever created. You can find both old classics, as well as some custom rides that we’re certain you’ve never seen before! The oldest vehicles here are over 100 years old, and still look absolutely brand new, thanks to the dedication of the people that run the place.

5. Apache Trail

If you want to continue your fun directly behind the wheel of your car, take a tour of Route 88, starting in Apache Junction. You can cruise down winding roads, while taking in some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. End your exhilarating drive at Theodore Roosevelt Lake, where you can relax for a while before hopping onto a variety of highways and taking off towards the next destination of your choosing.

In Case You Experience Auto Glass Issues

Those are our top 5 places to visit in Arizona if you’re a car enthusiast, and we can guarantee that they’re amazing. However, as amazing as tourist attractions in Arizona are, our state is sadly pretty unfriendly when it comes to your windshield and side glass, as we’re sure that residents definitely know. The reasons for this are many:

  • The two temperature extremes your windshield is in-between; the sun and the car’s AC;
  • Flying debris;
  • Tiny pebbles that cause chips which eventually worsen;
  • And more.

No matter the exact cause of your windshield damage though, we’re certain we can land a helping hand with the required windshield repair or windshield replacement, and for $0 Out-of-Pocket cost no less! Contact us today at (480) 525-6554, and in less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to continue driving to all of our Greater Valley’s attractions in safe conditions!

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