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7 Tips To Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Car

May 15, 2020

As useful as automobiles are, they aren’t really the cheapest of acquisitions, and if you add in regular refills of gas, those bills will quickly stack up. In order to avoid having to borrow money for a car though, or create a sizable debt to your bank, you can always consider buying a used car though.

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6 Child Car Safety Tips You Should Definitely Know

March 19, 2020

The best car seat safety instruction we can give you right off the bat is to never strap in your child with an adult seat belt. That’s because they simply aren’t designed to go around their bodies properly, and in the case of an accident, it can actually injure them. With that out of the way, here are 6 more child car safety tips, to keep your little ones as comfy as secure as possible.

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5 Car Tips and Tricks that Beginners Should Definitely Know

February 20, 2020

Owning your first car is a remarkable feeling. It’s like a true rite of passage, from your high school years into maturity. If you’ve had a few summer jobs or two, and managed to buy it from your own money, then all the better! This is your first real investment into your future. Great care must be taken with your new vehicle though, as if you don’t make sure to maintain its working condition, you’ll end up with some headaches.

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How To Go About A Car Oil Change At Home

February 11, 2020

When you’re considering a car oil change, you might instantly think about the common knowledge of “once every 3,000 miles is just what you need”. That may very well be true, but just like when it comes to our own branch of business of auto glass repair & replacement, we advise checking your vehicle manufacturer’s exact specifications.

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Brake Fluid Change At Home – Fast & Easy

February 10, 2020

A brake fluid change can often be neglected if you don’t know when you should go for one. Generally speaking, if your brake pedal starts feeling softer than before, it’s a clear sign your fluid might have become water-ladenned.

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Back To School Driving Tips For Assured Safety

January 17, 2020

It’s time for our kids to go back to school (yeah, we know…). For us drivers, that means that we must also pay extra attention while in school areas, and around school buses. To make sure you’re ready again for extra traffic and pedestrians, we’ve prepared some essential back to school driving tips.

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An Easy To Follow Guide On How To Clean A Car At Home

January 10, 2020

Now that the fall season has recently ended, and there’s less dust and pollen in the air, it’s our advice to get it off your car too! You could of course take it to a specifically designed place, but we assure you that it’s not a complicated process to do it yourself. Moreover, you can take care of things exactly like you want to this way, and there’s no need to wait around a cleaning shop.

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5 Places To Visit in Arizona for Car Enthusiasts

August 15, 2018

There are a lot of ways in which Arizona is a paradise, and it’s easy for automotive enthusiasts to see the benefit of living here or visiting. The clear weather and dry driving conditions make our state ideal for the real car fanatics out there, and we also have the attractions to go with them. Whether you're a native or just visiting, you should check out these next 5 places to visit in Arizona.

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