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Why We Have Lifetime Warranty for On Site Windshield Replacement

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At ProLite Auto Glass, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned over the years. We’ve built ourselves around our first-rate glass suppliers, an expert staff of technicians with over 10 years of experience in the field, and a tangible commitment to our customers. It is thanks to our dedication to our work that we’ve also decided at one point to offer a lifetime warranty for on site windshield replacements! In fact, whatever type of vehicle window you might require us to look at and replace, the offer stays the same!

Why? Well, we asked this precise question ourselves when we started our family-owned business. We could have just gone down the route of sub-par glass products that aren’t OEM approved, perform a shady replacement, get our paycheck, and call it a day. But we couldn’t have looked back on that with any pride or fulfillment. The automobile window repair & replacement industry isn’t just a way to make ends meet for us, it’s what we’re providing to our local Phoenix Valley community. As such, we want to make the best out of it.

The Business Side of The Idea

We also offer this warranty because we have the utmost confidence in our work. Our technicians give us all the certainty we require to stand behind our guarantees any day of the week. We’re happy to say that our customers love the added confidence it gives them, and they’re often excited to find our shop after looking into other on site windshield repair & replacement companies that refuse to offer such a warranty.

We think it’s a shame that these warranties aren’t more common, because drivers should be able to be 100% certain that their auto glass is fully functional, and ready to keep them safe within their vehicle. At ProLite, your convenience and peace of mind are our number one priority, and we’ve built our company around your satisfaction. With our lifetime warranty for auto glass replacements, we aim to make a statement that when you choose us for the procedure, you decide to place quality first. That’s why the warranty simply makes sense to us, and with the positive feedback we’re getting from our customers, we’re sure that we’re on the right track.

Services Covered by Our Lifetime Auto Glass Warranty

At ProLite Auto Glass, we take pride in every single job we do, so our warranty covers any type of replacement. Is your windshield chipped? We’ve got it covered. That nasty side window cracks keeps growing? We’ll handle it! Our lifetime warranty covers everything from quarter glass to windshields on heavy duty vehicles, limos, and everything in between, with no exceptions. As long as your automobile rolls on 4 wheels and is powered by an engine, we guarantee its glass is going to be as pristine as on day one in no time.

The Areas Which We Service

Sometimes, your cracked windshield is too severely damaged for you to drive safely to our auto glass shop in Mesa, because its structural integrity is compromised, and it could shatter at any moment. In that case, we offer on site windshield replacement. The best thing about our mobile windshield service is that it comes to you at no additional cost, and is covered by our lifetime warranty. Of course, if our specialists find on location that a repair would in fact solve the problem, they’re going to inject resin into those troubled spots right then and there! Moreover, wherever you might be located in the Greater Phoenix Valley, you’re not out of our reach! Here are all the places we service.

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If you have any inquiries about the specifics of our business, or how we can help you with your on site windshield repair or replacement needs, don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer care team at (480) 525-6554.

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