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The Dangers of Avoiding a Windshield Chip Repair

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While a small crack or chip in your windshield might not seem like much (other than a minor imperfection), it can cause significant long term damage to your vehicle. In fact, it will even become a serious safety hazard to yourself, other drivers on the road, and even pedestrians if not taken care of in time. A windshield chip repair is relatively cheap in the Phoenix Metro Area, and if you choose the right auto glass shop, it’s actually going to be for $0 Out-of-Pocket cost!

Yes, repairing something as small as a chip or a crack can seem silly at first, but it’s well worth it. When left alone, glass damage spreads, because of its very nature. As the impacted area slightly shrinks and widens due to the varying temperatures of the seasons and from the day-night cycle, the auto damage doesn’t stay put either. Also, consider that most of us blast the insides of our cars with AC, while Arizona’s hot sun is also influencing the windshield on the outside. This way, it’s between two extremes, and the following can occur if you don’t look for some windshield repair places:

Additional Damage

A process called “spider-webbing” is going to start, sooner or later. This is when an initially small impacted area gradually develops into a full blown long crack, or tiny cracks that spread in different directions. Even the smallest of chips can expand to a large crack that can quickly weaken the entire windshield, endangering you and your loved ones. That’s because a pristine windshield can shift pressure from something impacting it, or from a collision, to the outside of the car. However, this isn’t true for a compromised one.

Vision Limitations

Even a small spot can be a blind spot. It could only block a little portion of your entire field of vision, but that can be enough to prevent you from seeing a pedestrian or a cyclist. A small spot can also distract your gaze, keeping your eyes away from the road. This might happen more to novice drivers, true, but even more experienced ones need to not pay attention to the road for only a split second in order for something tragic to occur.

Potential Collapse

If your windshield is damaged in any way, and you choose not to go for a windshield chip repair, you’re basically forfeiting its integrity. Moreover, as you might be aware, your windshield is actually responsible for 45%-60% of the entire vehicle’s structural integrity! As such, if it goes, your automobile is at risk of collapsing as well. Windshield repair places like our own are here to have your back though! In our case, we offer Valley-Wide free mobile service, a lifetime warranty for your windshield replacement, and more!

Dust & Debris Accumulation

The longer a chip or crack is left without repair, the more dust and other negative factors that accumulate inside of it. The more dust and particles that accumulate, the worse the damage gets. This makes it substantially harder to repair over time, to the extent where you might turn out to require a full-scale replacement.

Get Your Windshield Chip Repair Handled by Experts in Metro Phoenix

At ProLite Auto Glass, we’re considered to be one of the best windshield repair places out there by over 30,000 satisfied customers. This is thanks to our no-compromise work ethic, where your well-being and peace of mind are our top priorities. Furthermore, we pride ourselves with our certified technicians that have over 10 years of experience in the field, and that are upfront with you about what type of procedure your vehicle requires. If you have any auto glass issues, you can reach us at (480) 525-6554 to schedule an appointment for our mobile services.

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