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Why a Truck Windshield Repair Should Be Your Priority

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Being a truck driver is more than just a profession, it’s a whole way of life. That’s precisely why at ProLite, we advocate for being extra cautious when on the road. According to the ATA, there are millions of truckers in the USA, driving billions of miles a year, and helping deliver more than $740 billion to our economy. If you do the mathematics, that’s an immense number of hours behind the wheel, where even the smallest moment of not paying attention can lead to something unfortunate. For example, without a proper truck windshield repair, auto glass damage begins to “spider-web” to the corners of the piece of glass, weakening its entire structural integrity.

If that happens, the properties of the windshield to keep you safe in case of a collision are significantly dampened. You might think that thanks to your elevated position in the truck, that wouldn’t be such a big issue, but it’s not a 100% guarantee. There could be flying debris that ends up in your windshield, or, if its surface is really compromised with cracks, then it wouldn’t just break without shattering. Instead, the glass would collapse inwards, endangering you and potentially harming you more than the collision would have otherwise. However, a simple & fast semi truck window replacement can aid you in avoiding these things.

Your Truck Windshield Repair Options

Since there’s a fairly good chance that you’re being paid per mile, we know that having to drive to an auto glass shop that might be far from you isn’t what you want to hear. Time is money, and because of that, you might be discouraged from calling a professional auto glass repair & replacement shop. Because of that though, the damage to your windshield has an increased chance to worsen beyond the possibilities of a repair, requiring a full-scale truck windshield replacement for the issue to be solved safely.

However, that’s why mobile auto glass services exist! As an example, at ProLite, our expert technicians drive to any and all locations within the Phoenix Metro Area to get our community’s auto glass fixed with haste and skill. Moreover, mobile truck windshield repair doesn’t cost extra, and with full insurance coverage, it’s for $0 Out-of-Pocket cost too! As such, there’s really no reason for you to place yourself at risk while on the open road. If you’d like to work with us to get that pesky crack fixed, just give our friendly customer care team a call at (480) 525-6554. We’ll be out of your hair in most likely less than 30 minutes!

Semi Truck Window Replacement

Sometimes, the compromised area of your windshield is just too severe to be safely repaired by injecting resin into troubled spots. Generally speaking, damage that’s considered too severe are chips that are deeper than ⅛ of an inch, or cracks wider than 3 inches. Moreover, damaged side or rear glass can only be replaced. There’s no need to fret if a replacement is needed though. At ProLite, we handle both truck windshield repair, as well as replacement. Call us from anywhere within the Greater Valley, and we’ll work around your delivery schedule.

Before you know it, you’ll be rid of annoying wind gusts, rain droplets, and other unpleasantries associated with damaged auto glass. To top it all off, by repairing your windshield, you’d even avoid receiving a potentially hefty fine.

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