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Methods Of Choosing The Best Windshield Replacement Company

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Auto glass is one of your vehicle’s key safety features, so choosing the best windshield replacement company when you’re in need is no joke. First and foremost, a windshield protects you from the natural elements, like wind and rain. Moreover, the top of a windshield even makes sure that direct sunlight doesn’t interfere with your road visibility that much, and they even keep nasty flying pests outside of your car (where they belong). However, did you know that 45%-60% of your car’s structural integrity is actually up to your windshield?

That’s right, it’s really a core component of your automobile. As such, as you can imagine, you should really avoid leaving pesky chips and cracks on it for long. This is because glass damage doesn’t just happen, and then that’s it. Because of the unobservable changes (with the naked eye) that happen to your car windows and your windshield when it’s colder or hotter outside, it either slightly shrinks or widens. When this normal process occurs, the cracks don’t remain static either. We call this phenomenon “spider-webbing”, and it’s how glass damage eventually reaches the corners of your car windows or windshield. But how can you avoid a shady repair or replacement? Well, one surefire way is to be skeptical about an overly cheap windshield replacement, as certain quality standards do require at least a reasonable price. But, that’s not all. Let’s get right into how a proper company operates.

1. They Work With First-Rate Suppliers

No matter how skilled the technicians of an auto glass shop are, they can’t magically make an inferior product resistant to shock. Going for the less expensive variant can be alluring for both the company and yourself, since money doesn’t grow on trees, but it’s never a good option. What will happen in this scenario is that your new windshield will probably last until a pebble rolls into with enough force on the highway, and then you’re back to square one.

Simply avoid this headache by choosing a shop that guarantees top-shelf, OEM approved products. The best part of it is that you might not even have to pay at all, as auto glass shops like ours work with your insurer, and you pay $0 Out-of-Pocket.

2. They Use Proper Techniques and Materials During Installation

If you see a single technician coming to replace your windshield, you should immediately become skeptical. The surface a windshield must cover is fairly large, and there’s absolutely no room for mistake when positioning one. If it’s not seated exactly like it should be, you can experience water & air leaks. One other telltale sign you’re being scammed is if your wipers are up during this process. The installer(s) might try to avoid removing your old windshield’s cowl panel this way (the plastic cover that’s at the bottom of the windshield), and thus compromising the effectiveness of the adhesive for the new windshield. Even if two installers are present, be on the lookout for the installation materials.

The best windshield replacement company is only going to use the same adhesive as the manufacturer of your car’s brand. This means that the “urethane” (the windshield adhesive basically) they’re going to use is going to have a “PSI” of 1,000 (its tensile strength), as that’s how strong it needs to be in order to reliably secure your windshield in cases of more drastic collisions. Lesser quality urethane isn’t made to hold out against the test of time, and your windshield will slowly give way.

3. They Work Around Your Schedule & Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Modern life requires you to be everywhere, at once. As such, fitting an auto glass repair or replacement procedure into your busy schedule can be quite the bother. Moreover, if you’re even required to drive to the shop itself, you’ll probably end up giving up on the replacement altogether. Therefore, it’s our belief that any respectable shop in the branch will offer mobile windshield repair & replacement services, for free no less!

In fact, after the replacement is done in a timely fashion (our technicians usually take less than 30 minutes), you should receive a lifetime warranty as well. If the shop fully trusts that their expert technicians only do top notch jobs (like we do), this really shouldn’t be a problem. If they’re not up to make this offer though, you might want to look somewhere else.

4. They’re Honest and Transparent About What’s Required

Honesty & Integrity should be core tenets of any business, regardless of their field. In the case of auto glass, we think it’s imperative that after the certified professionals analyze the damaged area, they give you the truthful answer about whether a replacement is actually required. That’s because some cases can actually be solved with a windshield repair, which is cheaper in case you don’t have insurance, and less likely to raise your monthly rates if you do have insurance.

Remember: the best windshield replacement company doesn’t only replace windshields, they should be your #1 choice regardless of your specific auto glass needs.

5. Their Technicians are Certified

Any technician that’s going to handle your vehicle’s glass should be highly trained in this regard. If the personnel sent to your location isn’t wearing a uniform, or if they show signs of not knowing what the best course of action is, you should start asking the right questions, and perhaps cease working with them. Our own experts have over 10 years of experience, so you can be sure that whatever your auto glass issue is, they’ll fix it without problem.

To wrap it all up, we strongly advise not to go for the cheap windshield replacement, if it seems to be too good to be true (which is generally the case). Instead, call the shop that has genuinely earned your trust, and schedule an appointment. If you’d like to work with us, you can reach our friendly customer care specialists at (480) 525-6554.

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