Vehicle Heads-Up Display

What Is A HUD Display?

A heads-up display is a technology which removes the need for you to look away from the road in order to check your speedometer, or anything else on the dashboard. It does this by directly projecting your HUD display directly on the windshield, but it doesn’t interfere with your road visibility in any way.

How can it achieve this you ask? Quite simple, the projection is mostly transparent, the only opaque parts being important information like what speed you’re currently driving at. Just to further put your mind at ease, consider that this technology actually comes from military aircraft, so there was a lot of thought put into it.

hud display

So Does My Vehicle Have A HUD Display?

Even if your vehicle is equipped with a heads-up display, it’s not necessarily immediately apparent that this is the case. One of the easiest ways to check is to look around your physical dashboard for a button that’s just called “HUD”. 

Just press it and see the magic happen. If you press it and nothing’s showing up when you’re looking forwards though, have a look at your user’s manual, it should straighten everything out. The HUD display could either show up directly on the windshield, or in augmented reality version, along the curvature of your windshield.

Heads-Up Display

How Does A Heads-Up Display Help Me?

As traffic is increasing more and more, the associated risks of driving are unfortunately also going up. No matter how fast you’re taking your eyes off the road to check things like your speedometer, headlight intensity or wiper speed, you’re creating a window where your attention is being divided.

A heads-up display helps keep some of these distractions at bay, by placing a lot of convenient information right in your field of view, but without interfering with it. For example, the augmented reality which a HUD display creates, aside from having “standard” information on it (like your speedometer), can also signal incoming turns.

Other navigational indicators or additions such as tachometers can be present too. They relay all of this information to you by being plugged in to your vehicle’s various computers.

What Happens If My Windshield Is Damaged?

Admittedly, this will bear a higher cost for you than a regular full-scale windshield replacement. That’s because your windshield must be polarized in order for a HUD to be projected on it. In consequence, such considerations are critical when choosing a replacement windshield for you.

At ProLite Auto Glass, we only work with OEM approved glass, and work through your insurance companies (whichever that may be!) in order to get your auto glass issues addressed for $0 Out-of-Pocket cost. This applies to windshield repair procedures too, and no matter where you’re located within the Phoenix Metro Area, we’ll come to your location for free!

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